SiloamPool…What’s in the name? Siloam pronounced “Sil-ōm”, means “sending forth or sent”, John 9:7.  The “Pool” a collective of creators and listeners sharing a compelling synergy.

SiloamPool delivers cool energizing grooves. Laced with aromatic lyrics, Siloam’s delectable vocals dance seamlessly through infusions R & B stirred in a silky blend of smooth jazz dipped in a spicy fusion of Soul. Wanting a description of this Detroit, MI (USA) native’s sound? Just imagine Diana Ross meets Incognito. Quickly you recognize SiloamPool has an enchanting aura.

Siloam inherited her music palate from her parents. Her dad loved Jazz and R & B; her mother loved Soul and Classical music. This rich diversity of styles set the stage for her music influences; in the likes of  Nina Simone, Earth Wind and Fire, Al Jarreau, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Gino Vanelli, Sting and Marvin Gaye. 

Her ambition to become a singer wasn’t an easy journey. The road had a huge resounding speed bump. Siloam had to overcome extreme shyness, learn to embrace her uniqueness. Insecurity would delay her aspirations. Instead of pursuing her dream she enrolled in the University of Michigan to become a doctor. Among her courses, she took music theory and private vocal instruction. Siloam found sanctuary recording vocals for demos and jingles; falling in love with studio work.  These experiences along with singing in her church choir helped her develop.  Still needing to battle her fear of performing in front of large audiences she traveled extensively as a spokesperson with the North American International Auto Show.  During this time, she began to write songs; finding an oasis where the passion to create beautiful, meaningful music emerged.

Somethings in life are worth waiting for and SiloamPool definitely fits the bill. Siloam overcame her shyness. As God would have it her affinity for making music led her to an invitation to audition with Fred Hammond and his group RFC.  She spent a year recording, performing and touring with Fred and many industry greats.  “Singing for Mrs. Rosa Parks was a phenomenal experience. It was a glorious and major turning point in my life”.

Siloam along with composer/arranger Sidney Howard wrote, arranged and produced her debut EP, Colors of Black & White. Siloam co-wrote this “SIMPLE COMPLEXITY” project with Freeman “Free” Spells Jr., Niko Marks, Sidney Howard, Rydell Chavez, Lamont Davis and Markovic Drummond. As each song develops, she looks for them to breathe on their own. As with the single, ‘TIL THE DAY which was inspired by a military couple separated by the Iraq War, beautifully describes their steadfast commitment of love; during an extremely difficult time. Siloam feels this song “encourages us to love with that kind of depth, that kind of resolve”.

When looking for musicians for “The Pool” Siloam wanted skill and creative fluidity. Following great advice from a fellow recording artist, Shelby Brown; he told her that “he always looks for the best musicians to work with; because it helps make him better”. The best she found in the current project mix of Bassist-Freeman “Free” Spells Jr. and Mike Harrington, Guitarist-Rydell Chavez, Carl Robinson and Markovic Drummond, Keyboardist-Niko Marks, Sidney Howard and James Shelton, Drummers-Winston “Foot” Britton and Ron Otis, Percussionist-Romel Alexander and featuring jazz Saxophonist-Dave McMurray on their single 7 DAYS.  The group’s blend invites you to submerge into their lush harmonious flow.

The diversity of the SiloamPool listener crosses the age, racial and social spectrum. “This kind of reach is a brass ring blessing, it allows us to connect with people anywhere”. The electrifying passion that touches Siloam’s heart is notably recognized in her lyrics.  Fueled with a fire that chases away the chill, SiloamPool is a soothing-healing balm. “The Pool is [US + YOU], it’s all about creating and serving music in substantive, enjoyable way. Having that amazing exchange with our listeners, is why we love what we do “.

Siloam adds, “to help heal what ails us is why I wanted to become a doctor”. Asked if she has any regrets? She gives a resounding no. “To write and perform music is what I love, it’s the best of both worlds”. She’s a musical doctor. “Through music I learn, receive, give and hopefully speak to someone’s heart; touching their soul, their spirit.  It is my calling”. Now, that is truly what it means to be sent!