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NEWS: SiloamPool Releases New Single “WARRIOR” 

“SiloamPool with songs like Warrior, I am humbled to have this privilege. One of my favorites for this year..so touching and magical.

Michael K. Amil, President & CEO, TeeRex Radio

“SiloamPool, the pleasure is all mine! I owe you my gratitude for your incredible music. After all, without great music, a radio station is just another voice in the wind.”

Ralf Shultz, CEO, JazzCrusader Radio

Simple Complexity, “great song. She’s a great storyteller.”

Howard Dukes, SoulTracks.com

“On the heels of her successful first single of “7 Days,” Siloam follows up with the equally alluring single of “Let It Go.” A track that fits perfectly on Smooth Jazz and Urban Adult Contemporary playlists alike. Siloam’s vocal delivery helps to give balance to the song, and also makes the vibe even more uplifting.”

Keivu G. Knox, SoulTracks.com

“With “Let It Go” as the lead single as she has sent that track to radio stations for promotion, but other standouts include “My New Friend“, “Warrior“, “Circle Of Life” on first listen but you can tell it’s a quality and well produced album throughout.”


“New name, new quality. “Simply Complexity” is the name of Siloam Pool’s debut album, which of course is far from any simplicity. Obviously, the musical elements of the Siloam Pool sound universe found each other by themselves and then also entered into the best possible relationships with each other.”


“Her voice is sultry and elegant as it glides on a smooth jazz groove.”

Asha Brodie, President & CEO, Jazz Moods Radio

“After listening to SiloamPool for maybe… ten seconds, I knew she’d be ideal.”

Hugh W. Smith III, Co-owner, World Famous-Baker’s Keyboard Lounge


Singer/Songwriter/Producer SiloamPool first served up appetizer single “7 Days” featuring jazz saxophonist-Dave McMurray.  Smooth Jazz radio and listeners loved it and asked for more. Consequently, rather than follow up with a 5 song project, Siloam decided you deserved more.

Fans and followers are excited SiloamPool is back with immersive new music. Globally embraced by radio, media and topping multiple charts with single “Let It Go” including landing on Amazon’s top 100 albums. “Simple Complexity” is a savory full course 10 song album. Moreover, it spans the Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Soul and Quite Storm genres. Each track flows effortlessly-distinctive from one to the next. Composed and recorded with some of the most sought after musicians. “Simple Complexity” is an innovative, captivating audio movie; crafted the way music is meant to be heard. Now, all you have to do is indulge. Learn more: