Siloam is the essence of cool and smooth. A beckoning thread of inspiration woven throughout this splendid tapestry of talent.
If guitars could talk... when Rydell Chavez plays-his does. Gifted in echoing sentiment, cool and heat where it matters most.
Freeman "Free" Spells' artistically fluid, solid bass playing fuels SiloamPool’s steady vibration with nimbleness reserved only for the very best.
Winston Britton is known as“Foot” what more can be said? He’s the spicy drum kicking timepiece in SiloamPool’s fiery groove.
Romel Alexander is an eclectically suave, energy laced percussionist tying SiloamPool’s nuances together like fine silk ribbon.

Singer, songwriter and producer SiloamPool known for serving up heart tugging lyrics, foot tapping and body swaying grooves debuted their single 7 DAYS to a thrilling international embrace by Smooth Jazz radio and an ever expanding “pool” of music lovers. SiloamPool is palate pleasing treat dedicated listeners known as “Poolers” enjoy savoring.

7 DAYS featuring jazz great-saxophonist Dave McMurray is a delightful follow-up to their March 2017 single ‘TIL THE DAY. A military couple close to Siloam, separated by the Iraq war is the inspiration behind ‘TIL THE DAYAmidst multiple deployments and their steadfast commitment to love one another, Siloam was compelled to encourage us to love with that kind of resolve. “I’ve been blessed to know that kind of bond and the commitment it takes to guard ones heart.”

Music has always been a messenger in our lives; seeping to our intimate spaces, making us aware, fueling our passions, comforting our pain while helping us heal.  SiloamPool’s artistry does just that.

Be it their innovative fusion of jazz and silky soul rhythms of R & B flowing through your headset, in their videos or phenomenal live shows, SiloamPool has a beguiling way of igniting and comforting you all at the same time. Thank you for visiting, you now know what “Poolers” love about their relationship with SiloamPool.

“Poolers”:  Those who desire and inspire others to live their best life.


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